Find 10X Categories And Better Suppliers By 1688 Sourcing

If you’re working hard, but don’t see the profit you want. It’s time to rethink your sourcing strategy. Chinese never buy anything from any English B2B platform, but you do. 99.50% of Chinese don’t speak English, so you look in the wrong places. Stop dealing with the middlemen who pretend to be manufacturers. JustChinait would help you connect with the best real source suppliers.

You can laugh at the hassle of China sourcing if you buy from directly, as you don’t have to go through a middleman.

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The Most Trustworthy Agent No Kickback, No Fraud

100% On Your Behalf Discover Your Hidden Profit

Take Quality Seriously 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

One-stop Solution From Sourcing to Shipping

Cost-effective Charge No Upfront Fees, No Hidden Charges

Sourcing Omnichannel Support 100x Categories Selection

4 step to use the growing plan

Let The World Enjoy Made-In-China

Are You Importing Profitably Enough? Try the 1688 Sourcing Solution.

1688 Sourcing Solution

I used to buy from English B2B platforms, like Alibaba, Global sources, and Made-in-China. After I tried 1688, I never used them again. Now my business keeps growing.

The 1688 Sourcing Service is a one-stop

Chinese insider sourcing + shipping solution for

those who want to make a bigger profit.

Is This You?

I Get It

Our clients complained to us the profit of importing business was decreasing when I ran a trading company before JustChinait. There were more and more voices saying the same thing.

I finally started thinking about whether there should be someone to help the buyers who struggled each day but failed to find out a solution. Otherwise, they would think Made in China is expensive and bad quality, then stop buying from China. That’s terrible. That’s not the real Made in China. 99.5% of Chinese don’t speak English, which means at least 90% of suppliers can’t be reached by foreign buyers as the language barrier.

At the same time, there are many go-betweens and scammers in exporting, and they are very good at marketing. Usually, they are the first contact the buyers meet.

So, I designed the 1688 sourcing service to get buyers out of the wrong sourcing platform. Reach and make full use of Made in China. It is in the right place, not the skills.

1688 Sourcing Solution Works In 4 Easy Steps.

How Do We Help You Reach Success?

Feature of 1688 Sourcing Solution

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Reliable Suppliers Guaranteed

You don't want to deliver an inferior product, drive your consumer mad, and even return. And most so-called "verified suppliers" by B2B platforms are not as reliable as you think. We will help you connect with the best suppliers to start on the path to success.

On-Time Delivery

We guarantee on-time delivery every time. As we follow up closely with production, you can be confident your project is on track. We will help you take care of all the stress details. If there is anything delay, we will fix it early before it's costly

No hidden Charge

No Surprises. We hate surprises, just like you. We guarantee that there will be no hidden charges. You can rest assured that the price you see is the price you'll pay. We're committed to being upfront and honest with our customers; this guarantee is just one way we show it.

Quality Guaranteed

We strive for perfection with every product we sell and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with each one. Our team stands behind our products, and we are confident you will love them too. If you are ever unhappy with a purchase, simply let us know, and we will make it right.

One-stop Solution

With one-stop solutions, you can do much more and earn more; whether you're looking for sourcing, wholesaling, warehousing, consolidating, or shipping, we promise you can find it all in one place. Plus, our team is always available to answer any questions you may have. So go ahead and try us - we know you won't be disappointed!

No Kickback

No corruption. We hate kickbacks, and we hate all dishonest ways of doing business. Many agents charge very low sourcing fees to foreign buyers, but they can get paid 10 times by the factory. We never do that, and we never take a penny from any factory, even though it's much easier to get paid by the factory than the buyer.

1688 Sourcing Solutions Include

1) Analyze And Evaluate Your Needs.

No one wants a drill. What they want is the hole. We will help you clarify what exactly you need.

2) Search For The Best Suppliers.

We will search for the best source suppliers for your needs.

3) Compare Everything We Got.

We will compare the quality, lead time, and price and make sure you have the best suppliers and deals.

4) Talk With The Boss Directly.

We will discuss the best possible discount and condition with the supplier boss.

5) Warehouse And Inspection

We will collect the cargo at our warehouse and do the quality checking.

6) Order Consolidation

We will combine small packages into one big shipment, and repack them, then ship.

1688 Sourcing Service Pricing

“We’ve been working with JustChinait for several years, and our business has changed and grown significantly at that time. JustChinait team has guided our consolidated shipping strategies to help fuel our profit growth, and they take on each order as though they are part of our company. We’re delighted with their services and would keep working with and recommending them.”

FAQs About 1688 Sourcing Solutions is the world’s largest online wholesale marketplace, owned by Alibaba Group.
It’s similar to, but it’s based in China and geared towards business-to-business transactions.
It offers a wide variety of products, from clothes to electronics. It has over 100 million products and services listed on its platform and serves over 200 million buyers.
Anything you can see on the English B2B platform, you can find 15-30% cheaper here. It’s a great place to find deals on items that you might not be able to find anywhere else; you can find 10x categories here. But it’s totally in Chinese.
It would be challenging to browse it if you can’t read Chinese.

Buy from; you are buying from the source.
Buy from the English B2B platform; usually, you are buying from middlemen.
You can get lower costs, better support, and after-sale service for the same product.
How? 99.5% of Chinese don’t speak English, which means most source suppliers can’t sell to you directly. They only can sell to trading companies that can speak English, then the trading company sells to you.
Do your math!
About 10% cost decreased, you can get 100% profit growth.

We guarantee that our 1688 sourcing service is the best option for those looking for a transparent and high ROI solution.
We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing our clients with complete sourcing and shipping service.
There is no kickback, no hidden charge, and no cheating.
If you are unsatisfied with our service, simply contact us within 30 days, and we will refund your money in full.

Firstly, we will help you clarify your needs.
Secondly, we will search with total sourcing channels you can’t reach.
Thirdly, we will compare everything we got. Fourth, we will talk to the business owner directly for the best possible condition.
Fifth, we would consolidate the orders and do the quality check. Finally, we ship the orders to your door.

1688 sourcing service is the best way to import products in China! As 99.50% of Chinese don’t speak English, most suppliers don’t export directly.
You can’t reach them from any English B2B platform. And 1688 is the world’s largest online business-to-business (B2B) marketplace, with over 1 billion products. You can find anything on and reach 100x source suppliers with a more competitive price. But it’s in Chinese, so it won’t be easy for you as the language barrier.
Our experienced team of experts will help you get the perfect product in 1688 at the best prices available.

Our refund policy is simple and straightforward. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked. We stand behind our services and want you to be happy with your purchase.